Love for Food + Potatoes

2009 Flashback: Christmas Dinner

Dishes I made:
Mashed potatoes (small yellow potatoes) with brown gravy
Sautéed green beans
Sweet potatoes (with marshmallows/brown sugar/cinnamon)
Homemade frozen crescent rolls (with butter/jam)
Turkey ham
Carrots (sliced and cooked)

For Dessert:
Peppermint Cake
Vanilla Ice Cream

We invited Leanne Bennett, Alyssa Klassen, and Rachael Miller over for dinner. The 5 of us ate a giant yummy feast, if I do say so myself. :)

P.S. This was all prepared on my tiny range with one oven rack! Ha.

Bread, Cake, carrot, Carrots, Dessert, Green Beans, Ham, Ice Cream, potato, and more:

2009 Flashback: Christmas Dinner + Potatoes