Love for Food + Pasta

Chicken Alfredo

Mike and I are finally home for a few days and, praise the Lord, the week fell on Holy Week so our office is closed today. I am getting some much needed rest, laundry is finally caught up, fish tank is clean, house is getting cleaned, and I can actually cook something! (See last post for traveling woes hehe.)

When we're only home for a week at a time, we try to buy as few groceries as possible. I had one more chicken breast in the freezer so I rummaged through my cabinets and thought I'd make some Alfredo sauce with pasta and add the chicken.

Here's what I found:

And here it all is cooking:

Don't forget to soak the fruit in Kilol!

And it turned out to be a nice little lunch:

Chicken, Grapes, and more:

Chicken Alfredo + Pasta