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Northside Social Coffee and Wine

I've been curious about Northside Social in Arlington for several weeks now. It opened fairly recently in the building where Murky Coffee used to be and is owned by the same people that own Liberty Tavern. I've heard good things about this new addition to Arlington from friends and it seems to have a steady stream of customers. Laptop in tow (to test the free wifi), I stopped in for a quick bite to eat this week.

The atmosphere of the building is very pleasant, sunny and bright. The music selection is pretty decent, no particular track irked me which is about all I ask for in coffee shop music. The internet is fast and I appreciated not having to enter a password or go through a welcome screen to log on.

The menu is fairly straightforward and the prices are reasonable. I chose the Cherry Glen Goat Cheese salad (shallot and bacon vinaigrette) which was very generous with the goat cheese and a strawberry rhubarb and lemon custard filled poppy-seed pastry (YUM!). I also got an iced coffee (very good). The total came to $12, not bad. If I'd been hungrier I could have ordered one of the sandwiches for the same price. I didn't try any wine on this trip but from glancing over the wine menu it seems they have a bountiful selection. I'll definitely go back for the coffee - I enjoyed that the most.

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Northside Social Coffee and Wine + strawberry