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Which Velvet?

There once was a tasty looking recipe. It really appeared so love-a-ly. It was supposed to be red, But then to my dread, They ended up all yellow-y. Oh yes, my friends, I originally set out to make this scrumptious looking recipe for my friend’s birthday. Partway through the process, I reached for the box of food coloring…Looking at the box, it says “Red Blue Green Yellow,” right? So, in my rush (granted, I was squeezing way too many things into one day last week and was a little frazzled), I just blindly reach into the LEFT side where it said RED.

I quickly put the proper amount into my batter. All seems well at this point. I reach for the mixer…I turn on the mixer…suddenly the RED liquid turns super bright yellow. Whaaaat? [insert shocking yellow picture here that I forgot to take due to disbelief and the time subsequently spent weighing the options against each other: Do I start over and use the red? Do I add some red? Do I give up and just send a card? Do I not really have time to be baking right now?!] Anyway, I obviously just moved on. The next step had me adding cocoa powder which ended up dominating the batter after all. I guess maybe scientifically red is stronger than yellow? Hmm, I really don’t know. As much as I mixed it, though, I could always see random yellow parts in the batter shining up at me, mocking me... Once baked, it didn’t show as much, but at some angles you could definitely tell that you were eating Yellow Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies!

They tasted marvelously, by the way, thanks to Jessica at How Sweet . To top it all off, after I had unplugged the hand mixer, apparently the end of the cord decided to nestle into my apron pocket. I walked away from the counter and BANG went the mixer onto the floor. Oh, what a day!

Poem: 50% by me, 50% by my dad

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