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Votes Have Been Tallied

It sure was like the little boy's loaves and fish with my pumpkin seeds. I kept taking them everywhere with me, but they'd never disappear. So many people have now eaten my various flavors of pumpkin seeds and have voted accordingly.

Flavor 1: 10% Flavor 2: 3% Flavor 3: 13% Flavor 4: 13% [I was one of the above votes] Flavor 5: 7% Flavor 6: 53% The last flavor I tried (spicy + sweet) was apparently the most popular! Thanks, friends, for casting your votes. And, just for a little bonus, here are my seeds in the news:
Article on Food Whirl Photos on Savory Sights Photo on Taste Spotting TOP 9 Foodbuzz Photo

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Votes Have Been Tallied + Pumpkin