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Busboys and Poets

As promised, I've made a return visit to Busboys and Poets today. It's a wonderful gathering place to enjoy good food, find interesting books, purchase fair trade and sustainably produced gifts and participate in all kinds of events, from poetry slams to seminars and book launches.

This is my first live as it happens post! To be truly live I should be tweeting it. But I'm a newbie tweeter: ALCinDC. Megan – you have finally corrupted me! As I type, I am enjoying spoonfuls of foam from my cappuccino. The foam is the reason I order them. I once ordered a cappuccino to go, requesting so much foam (90% ?!) the cup felt empty, and it was quite enjoyable!
Anyway, I ordered the Spinach and Wheat Berry Salad and it has just arrived. It also has oranges, beets! , goat cheese, cashews, and caramelized onions. Tastes like a balsamic vinaigrette. Really delicious! This is just how I hoped it would taste! Huge portion! I was worried a salad wouldn't fill me up, but it did!

I have my laptop out and I've been here over an hour now but no one is rushing me. I just ordered the Key Lime pie. It has good tartness (that's key!) and the crust is pleasing. A generous serving again, I'm taking half home.

Looking around... there is artwork on every wall. Above me are large, posterized and highly saturated prints of Ghandi, The Dalai Lama, and Martin Luther King on canvas. The music playlist has been diverse... sounded like something Indian earlier and now it's Feeling hot hot hot! .

I don't recommend writing about your food while you eat it. Food should be enjoyed in the present moment and reviewed later. But since Busboys and Poets is a bring your laptop kind of place, it felt appropriate. I'll post this on my blog when I get home...

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Busboys and Poets + Salad