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Spurred by my thoughts about what to do with goat cheese in my For the Love of Cheese post, I made a mental note to pick up some smoked salmon for this versatile treat. It can be breakfast, lunch, or a snack and it's healthy – calcium, protein, fiber and omega-3. I got the smoked salmon at Trader Joe's, they have the best prices for wild caught. The goat cheese is from Trader Joe's too and also a good deal. I got the Mestemacher Pumpernickel bread from Whole Foods. A throwback to my childhood when my mom served it to me with German liverwurst. The liverwurst is no longer a favorite but I still love the bread. It's nutty and hearty, great toasted with plain butter, honey or pumpkin butter, but also a good open faced sandwich base. As their packaging reads, it's high in fiber, it's cholesterol and wheat free, and it has a long shelf life even though it has no preservatives. Today I paired it with goat cheese, smoked salmon, fresh chives and a squeeze of lemon. Sadly, I forgot to buy dill, but it was still yummy.

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