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I recently received a package in the mail from my friend AZMegB ( I love to receive mail!). A festive green box filled with eight clementines, a ribbon tied nail, a bag of cloves, one decorated clementine and a note with instructions. I put on my current Netflix rental "The Duchess" (which I recommend) and happily decorated each clementine. The warm fragrance of clove surrounded me, punctuated by bursts of citrus that misted the air with each nail piercing. Homemade gifts are especially nice to receive – this one was aromatherapy, craft project and holiday decor all in one. Thank you Megan!

Cloves are believed to have originated in Indonesia, the flower bud of the evergreen, Syzygium aromaticum, although their culinary use has spread across many cuisines. You will find cloves in Chinese, Indian, and German dishes; even in ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, and of course in pumpkin pie and spiced apple cider. Cloves are the special touch in a family recipe my Aunt Patricia makes each Thanksgiving: Creamed Pearl Onions with a clove bud pierced in each one. Here are some more recipes to explore.

Do you have a favorite use for cloves? Is there a spice besides clove which you especially enjoy?

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