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Winter Wonderland

Months before I was born, my father decided, based on intuition, to upgrade to a four wheel drive car. It was lucky he did, because I was born early, in the midst of a blizzard in February. Throughout my childhood, a snowstorm arrived like clockwork for every one of my birthdays.

It's been a while since I've seen a good snowstorm. I've lived in the desert the past four years. Newly relocated to DC, I assumed it would be a mild winter (compared to those I experienced for four years in Boston). But lo and behold, here comes a big snowstorm (at least it's predicted to be). The forecast is that the DC area will receive from 8-20 inches this weekend! I read one report that said there may be thunder during the snowstorm. I didn't even know that was possible! The storm arrives late tonight and will continue tomorrow and into Sunday morning. I feel for all the students that are missing out on a good snow day or two.

So, get your extra blankets out, cozy up with that good book you've been wanting to read and be sure to stock your fridge with enough food for the next few days (in case the roads shut down... you never know).

For those in the DC area, and for the rest of you around the country as well, here are some food ideas to keep you warm and cozy this winter while you're hauled up indoors:

– Hot soups and stews are the ideal winter meal. The heartier the better. I recommend my borscht or any variation on it with your favorite vegetables or meat. If you make a big pot it will feed several people and last for more than one meal.

– Hot cereal, try Farina (I had it a lot as a little kid). It's great with a pad of butter (that melts in) and cinnamon sugar.

– Try melting a piece of candy cane in your hot chocolate or coffee. Yum! Of course, if you really want to warm yourself up add some Frangelico or Baileys.

– A cup of tea. Constant Comment is a spicy winter favorite.

Most of all, enjoy the scenery out your window... there's nothing like the beauty of a winter wonderland, just in time for Christmas (it's supposed to snow again at the end of the week). Better yet, be a kid again, get out there and build a snowman!

P hoto via flickr user Loopweaver

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