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I'd like to share this recipe from my friend Charlotte – a life-long dancer, teacher, fine artist, Feng Shui expert, gifted Tai Chi artist, and owner of three cats, who has known me since I was a blurry image on a sonogram. When I visited her home last week, which is the case with every visit, I left feeling inspired and spiritually renewed by a sense of serenity (good Feng Shui has that effect). There are many interesting things I could share about Charlotte, but the focus of this post is this delicious soup!

When Charlotte served this soup at her house as the course before dinner, I liked it so much I had seconds and asked to photograph it. It's adapted from this Cooking Light recipe, which Charlotte received from a friend. In this interpretation, the salsa is replaced with a generous squeeze of fresh lime, a sprig of cilantro, and a dollop of Greek style yogurt. This soup has a velvety texture, complex flavor and just the right amount of spice. It's also very healthy!

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New Soap + spice