Love for Food + Tomatoes

Grilled Mahi Mahi

And just when you were thinking that all I cook anymore are sweet goodies...
presenting my first fish dish!

Seriously, that's how beginner I am... Besides tuna sandwiches, I have always had this strange fear of preparing fish. Mike helped with the grilling while I prepared the mojo sauce to go on the fish when cooked, a tomato & onion salad I learned from my dear friend Valerie after eating it at her house a few weeks ago, Jasmine rice (my favorite), and asparagus! Thinking over the dish, I needed more of a contrast to the flavors so I luckily found some canned peaches in the cabinet. And there you go!

(Thanks, Mike!)

Asparagus, Fish, Onion, Peach, Peaches, Rice, Tomato, and more:

Grilled Mahi Mahi + Tomatoes