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I've been chopped!!!: Project Food Blog

I've been chopped!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who has voted for me!! For those of you who have no idea what I'm taking about I've spent the past few weeks in a blogging competition called, Project Food Blog. In case you missed them my first entry was What defines you as a food blogger?; my second entry was Menudo (A traditional Mexican beef tripe soup).

My entry for the third competition was a Moroccan Dinner Party. It would have went a little something like this . . . . I have been fascinated with Morocco ever since I saw Casablanca as a teenager. My mom, who was born in the Netherlands and lived in the Netherlands, France, Brazil, and US always said that, "Morocco is a magical place and the only country I've been to five times." If I could go anywhere in the world, Morocco would be my number one. When faced with Project Food Blog's number three challenge which asks bloggers to "... channel new and exotic flavors for a luxurious dinner party menu. Voters will pick which feast they'd like to RSVP to". I didn't have to think. I would make a Moroccan feast.

I was sad to go but I did find a new love and appreciation for Moroccan food and lifestyle. That's why this week my blog is dedicated Moroccan cooking. I'll be posting recipes from my Moroccan dinner party all week. And if I do say so myself, the dishes were delicious :) I'm posting the menu below so you know what you can look forward to seeing. Starter – Course I
L’hamraak Garagh (Spiced Pumpkin-Garbanzo Bean Soup) served with Ksra (Homemade Flatbread)
Moroccan Tapas (Olives, Tomato Salad, Beef Cigars, Assorted Kebabs, Carrot Salad, and Zaalouk)
Main – Course II
Seafood Bastilla (Lobster and scallop pie encased in phyllo-dough.)
Lamb Tajine (Lamb stew with honey and apricots.)
Vegetable Couscous Dessert – Course III
Flourless Almond Honey Cake
Saffron infused Rosewater Ice cream
Citrus Fruit Salad
Mint Tea
Stop by my blog for the rest of the week for recipes, tips, and ideas for a Moroccan themed luxurious and exotic (yet easy) dinner party. Thanks again for all of your support and votes!

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I've been chopped!!!: Project Food Blog + Tomato