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European Culinary Adventure Part I

This past summer, my mom and I took a trip to Europe together in early July. It was a fabulous experience that I'll always remember fondly. We spent 10 days exploring Prague and Paris and visiting with friends and family in Germany and France. No doubt, it was a culinary adventure for the ages (about 70% of the photos I took are of food). We even took a cooking class in Paris! Oh mon dieu!

This was my first trip to Prague, a city I've long dreamed of visiting. It has special significance to me because it's where my grandmother grew up and planned to attend university before WWII broke out and she escaped by foot to Nurnberg, Germany to rendezvous with other family members. Many people say it's the most beautiful city in Europe because it's one of the few that wasn't bombed during the war, leaving intact its beautiful architecture.

We walked all over the city for two days visiting Prague's major landmarks like St. Vitus, an impressive gothic cathedral on a hill in the old city, and the astronomical clock in the bustling old town square. Besides cultural attractions, finding a few special meals ranked high on our itinerary...

yeast dumplings (in my top 5 favorite foods of all time)

... and Polichinka

The hotel we stayed in, the K+K Central, beautifully exemplifies Art Nouveau style. It was built in the early 1900s where it first served as a theater. Interestingly, Kafka once orated on its stage. Today, modern elements are beautifully incorporated to accommodate it's new function as a hotel. In the space which was once the theater, a two story glass structure supports a dining area which appears to be floating on air. This is where we enjoyed the hotel's breakfast spread each morning, a fantasy buffet that has rendered me hopelessly dissatisfied by all future hotel breakfasts.

Next Post: Nuremberg, Germay...

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