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I Like Saying "Twenty Eleven"

What can I say? Mr. Drinkwater and I are really gunning for 2011. I’ve never had a year that I actually wished would end, but I think I honestly say we had our fill. Hopefully 2011 is really super boring with no serious medical scares, close family deaths, international moves, and other major events.

Completely random picture I pulled out of early 2010 archives... we were en route to another jungle city.
But on a more positive note, let’s all remember what this blog is actually about! ME. Learning. In the Kitchen . . .
Things I’ve learned: · Don’t grease the sides of a loaf pan when making banana bread or it will fall in the middle · Desserts are a whole lot easier to photograph because most of them look good cold (hot meals have to be photographed quickly and served to the hungry husband before hungry husband turns into grumpy husband) · I can’t just slap a picture up without actually caring what it looks like! · Hot ovens do not like being touched by skin…or is it vice versa? · If you slightly wet the bottom crust of an apple pie, it’ll stick better to the top · Dishwashers are a blessing from God (and I only have one for 2 more weeks!). · How to roast really yummy flavors of pumpkin seeds . · How to burn applesauce (I haven’t retried yet!). · That I really like this whole blogging thing! I have to say that I am really REALLY excited for 2011 and what it’s going to bring. I’ve learned significantly this past year in various peoples’ kitchens so I can’t imagine all the fun things to learn next year! Tomorrow, also known as 1-1-11, is The Drinkwater Kitchen’s first Bloggaversary! It is also my husband’s BIRTHDAY! So we will be celebrating the new year by eating birthday cake and watching lots of football. Last year, we of course rooted for the Ducks in the Rose Bowl on his birthday. This year, we will be rooting for Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl! If I knew their mascot, I would type the equivalent of "Go Ducks" but I'm really just going along with the crowd (aka Husband). Heh.

Awesome t-shirts mailed to us last year by Mike's mom!
Happy New Year’s everyone! I pray all of you are safe and having a super enjoyable night. 2011, here we come!

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I Like Saying "Twenty Eleven" + Pumpkin