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I Always Want to Spell Hiatus with a Y

OBVIOUSLY, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately. Sorry about that. One of my close friends suddenly died in a single car wreck a few weeks ago. That combined with many other things has caused for one strange month. But, although I miss my dear Alicia friend, I know without a doubt that she is dancing with Jesus right now. That comforts me. God’s glory will shine through everything, even when the world seems to dim in a tragedy such as this. I’m sure his grace is the only reason I’ve improved as well as I have since the shock and I thank God that I have my relationship with Christ to carry me through this sad time of mourning…

Unfortunately, this is not me saying “hi, I’m back!” My schedule is not better and probably won’t be for a couple months. I miss cooking, I miss writing, I miss sharing! But it just can’t happen right now. In a few weeks I will be traveling to South America for work and hopefully can share some fun food photos if I get the opportunity! I WILL be back. I promise. In the meantime, have a HAPPY Easter. I love you all. :)

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I Always Want to Spell Hiatus with a Y + travel