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Some More Colombian Food Pics

If you guessed dragon fruit on my last post, or Pitaya, your were correct! And because I didn't KNOW the answer before I wrote the question, I'm glad to have learned something!

Every South American country I have visited so far seems to have its own local soda. Most remind me of Cream Soda, and this one was no different. It's been years since I even tried Cream Soda but I don't remember liking it. However, I did like this pop? My taste buds might have changed OR it could have just been another hot sweaty day in Cali, Colombia. Heh.

You can find drinkable yogurt in the States and it's ALL you could find in Peru, but the yogurt in Colombia was even more liquidy - it is like flavored colored milk. They even sell these little plastic things you snuggle the bag of yogurt into for pouring purposes. It's still pretty tasty! Just funny to me.

Walking around the streets of Cali, you'd see these things being sold everywhere. I never caught the name (it was a whirlwind of a trip, let me tell you) but they give you a couple in a plastic bag and pour honey over them. To me, they tasted like very strange sweet potatoes with honey poured over them. :)

On my last night, we ate true Colombian food - Arepa Maizao. I'm not sure if these kinds were made of cornmeal or flour or what, but they were stuffed with all sorts of goodies. We ordered the "con todo" and it had 3 different kinds of meat (chicken, pork, and mystery), cabbage, and I can't remember what else. They were quite good and I'd definitely try one again!

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Some More Colombian Food Pics + Yogurt