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Pumpkin Butter

... or as Mike insists on incorrectly calling it... apple butter. :)

on a bite of baguette
No, it's actually pumpkin butter and was surprisingly (to me) quite good. I think the best part of all was the rich scent that filled my tiny little house. There aren't too many better smells than sweet pumpkin!

on an english muffin for breakfast!
This can be used on an abundance of different items... *Anything you would use jam on *A dollop with pork chops *Oatmeal *Grilled turkey or ham *Scrambled eggs *Cornbread *Toast *Vanilla ice cream *With yogurt & granola *Roast turkey or chicken sandwich *Biscuits *Maybe mix with cheese and dip pretzels/crackers into? I mean, how diverse is that? I'm more of a toast kind of girl, but several of these sound pretty good, too.

this is the extent of my creativity or lack of materials... one of the two

The recipe calls for a small slow cooker but I only have a big one - didn't seem to affect it any! Definitely enjoyed making this - thank you, Cooking With the Big Dogs! Print the recipe here.

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Pumpkin Butter + Pumpkin