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Patriotism And Fashion

Para ler este texto em Português, clique aqui.Having many north american blogs in my reading list, it is almost impossible not to notice a nation getting ready for the 4th of July, the national holiday in commemoration of the United States declaring themselves independent from the United Kingdom.

It's all about red, white and blue, the colors that create the flag and which serve as the main theme for the festivities. There are hundreds of recipes using fruits and food coloring to make patriotic dishes, you can find lots of decoration tips with focus on the flag and of course outfits involving the stars and stripes. That was when I started thinking and tried to find an equivalent in the Brazilian as well as the german culture. Let me tell you, I didn't find one.
I'll start with the german culture where patriotism itself is a touchy subject. Germans can't shout with pride and wave their flag without the rest of the world entering a state of shock expecting the third world war. After the Euro Cup in 2008 it got a lot better, since the atmosphere in the streets and the union of the nation were amazing many people finally lost their fear of showing themselves proud. But we are still far away from dressing up in the colors of our flag for any of the national holidays.

And black, red and gold aren't even the worst colors in fashion senses... Nobody creates patriotic dishes and desserts, at most you'll see a small paper flag on top of the buffet and only if the event is culture or sports related.

And what about Brazil? The public loves the green and yellow, paints its faces, sings 'I'm brazilian, with lots of pride, with lots of love', but on a day to day basis, at most you will spot a soccer fan wearing a jersey as if it were a fashion statement.

The patriotism exists inside the majority, but hasn't found its way into fashion/food/decoration. It's limited to soccer and as of late, protests and manifestations. But there are inspiring examples.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for a sudden change, I'm only observing this curious phenomena. I believe that it doesn't have anything to do with the colors of the USA being prettier (in my opinion) or the difficulty of finding golden food, but instead it's something cultural that neither in Germany nor in Brazil has evolved (yet?).

Anybody associating these outfits with soccer? No, right?Or is it that in the United States, the patriotism is wildly exaggerated?

Either way, in the case of Independence Day, as someone with a passion for food, decor and fashion, I see this patriotism as something fun. A date that people look forward to with excitement, prepping their backyards and ending the day watching fireworks in an atmosphere of union and pride.

I bought the jacket in the picture below in a thrift shop in Berlin and initially thought of cutting of the flags on each shoulder, but then decided not to. The reactions in Brazil vary from ignorant Hitler jokes to compliments, but I wear it with a certain pride, because I know about Germany's weaknesses and complicated past as well as its strengths and many advantages. Now I want to know, who of you considers him/herself proud of your country and shows this even outside of the stadium?

Can't wait to read your comments!

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Patriotism And Fashion + United States