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Non-Vegan Vegan Pumpkin Muffins

Although I'm often attracted to healthier recipes, cookbooks and blogs, the word "vegan" always sounds like I'm-so-healthy-I-don't-taste-good food. I know, that's probably wholly inaccurate and enraging some of you... and I'll be the first to admit I was wrong!

So, in search for some new and different pumpkin recipes, I came across one (okay, tons) that caught my eye. I ended up changing the recipe just slightly because I didn't have "vegan chocolate chips" and stuff like that, so maybe the flavor was altered a bit, but it was very pleasing to all my taste-testers... aka the husband's football buddies who came over for the Duck game.

Okay, totally off subject, but I sometimes wish football played every day. Not because I understand a single part of it, but because it means PEOPLE to COOK for. That is my favorite.

The time I spend in the kitchen is sporadic and entirely depends on a) our travel schedule for work and b) when we have people over. It's not much fun cooking for just the two of us. I do it occasionally of course, but it's way more fun to cook for groups, right??

I really enjoyed this recipe and would definitely double it in the future. All that work for 12 muffins is sad! But definitely a keeper.

Print it here.

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Non-Vegan Vegan Pumpkin Muffins + Whole Wheat